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"so who is jesus to me? my help, my hope, my lifeline, my savior, and my LAWYER..." 

"He's My Friend!!!"


- Deacon -

"Been giving some thought to this.  I'll attempt to put my answer to this into psalm format." 







   - Wayne -

"Jesus is my Very Best Friend." 



  - Misty -

"...I have a friend in Jesus..."




I had a dream... The Wave of Love

(My Testimony - Part 2)


Hi Friends,

some years ago I had a dream...

My town is a town on a hill, and I live on top of that hill.
I had the dream of a perfect world, without sorrows,
without pain, without death...

I thought that love was the answer to it, love could overcome

I wanted to change this brutal and mean world, which was
so full of evil things. But how to do? Well, at least I tried...

I meditated... and tried out magic... I found a way...
I did not know Jesus at that time then...

I went to the highest spot in my town, closed my eyes and
visualized a wave of love leaving me, going round the world,
coming back to my place, being multiplied at every spot where
there were people open to be touched by it and pass it away
again... A world wide web spun of love that would reach everybody
in the end...

I still have a poem (in German, however, but I can share) which
I wrote in those days. I called it "The Wave of Love". I guess I
really started something by that.

Interesting enough, after I did that, God turned up in my life...
He started to call me, to attract me like a magnet, and the longing
to live with Him got stronger and stronger until I could not resist
and gave my life to Jesus about four years ago.

This vision of this wave seems to have become true if I see the
stats of "Growing Deeper". Things have changed, however,
to the better. I did not know then, but I know now, that love only
exists in Jesus Christ. But maybe he saved me because he saw
I really meant what I was doing.

I am much encouraged to send His love to all places in this
world now!

Please join me! Join me by spreading the Good News, or, even better,
feel touched by the wave of Jesus' Love!

Let us send the wave of love around the world again, telling everybody
about Jesus, who He was, and that He loved us so much that He died
for us. Could there be more love than to die for someone else?

Let us light some candles ...

() () ()
|| || ||     () () ()
              || || ||
                          () () ()
                          || || ||
        () () ()
        || || ||              () () ()
                               || || ||
                   () () ()
                   || || ||

God Bless,



Welle der Liebe

 Sie wurde geschickt,
 diese Welle von ihr -
 die Welle der Liebe.

 Sie flutet die Erde,
 sie hüllt sie wohl ein -
 die Welle der Liebe.

 Sie schützt sie, umgreift sie -
 dann türmt sie sich auf
 an Stellen, wo Gleiches sie findet,
 und bricht sich dann da,
 um mit stärkerer Kraft
 zurückzukehren zu ihr,

 Und sie wurde geschickt,
 diese Welle von ihr -
 die Welle der Liebe...

geschrieben von Vera,
bevor sie Jesus kannte


Wave of Love

It was sent,
that wave, by her -
the wave of love.

It is flooding the earth,
coating it well -
the wave of love.

It is protecting the earth, taking it,
then piling up
at places where it can find same
and breaks there,
just to get back to her
with stronger power

And it was sent
that wave by her -
the wave of love...

written by Vera
before knowing Jesus

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 The Bible is God's Word

(My Testimony - Part 1)

The Bible is God's Word.

Oh, of course it is.

I always thought it was just an old and obsolete book, not worth to have a look at. Lying. Ambiguous. Not trustworthy. A bad history book.

But there were Christians who deeply believed in God, and somehow I envied them, but could not get there over that bridge that joins God and man.

I wanted to know. I wanted to know everything. I wanted to know everything about life, about this big, big puzzle, that only waited for me to be put together. I just did not give up.

People told me that I should not worry about life, and that we would never know... But I just did not give up.

An endless number of pieces lying there. I had to pick them up all, but what was the sense in that?

Some were pieces which did not build the picture of life, but just fit in to make a larger part complete. Others were much clearer. They showed colours and objects, yes. There were white ones, more than black ones, and that was good. But I needed all to get the picture of truth. I really had never hoped to get something so clearly as I got them later.

Then I met someone in a forum in the internet, and I was so much attracted of what he said. I could feel there was more to it than mere words. He really seemed to live with God. But if there was a living God, I wanted to get to know him! Yes, that was what I wanted with all my heart.

And then it happened. God himself touched me with his love. He bent down to me. He attracted me, and I could not resist this overwhelming love. Like a magnet it drew me to him. And I started reading the Bible, after so many books I had read, so many that had led to nowhere but more questions.

Reading the Bible it happened that God spoke to me then, and I could understand that he spoke to me, yes, to me! He spoke to me right from the Bible - the Words there were addressed only to me, only to me. He showed me how people are, how I am, and how he is. And he made it very, very clear that he loved me so much.

And I suddenly knew the truth - though did not know the name of my great God yet. It took me a bit longer to understand that God had come down to earth as a man to die for me. It took me much too long. But God was patient with me.

In the end I surrendered my life to him being seen and heard by more than 300 people in an evangelization. I was the only one who did so that evening. I could see what God had done for me, how much he had always loved me and how badly I had behaved against him, showing him no love at all. That was my biggest sin, yes. I had not asked him in my life, not counted him in. I had been into esoterics without a single thought if he might like that idea. That was bad.

The Bible is true - that was what I had to confess. No further looking for answers, I had been looking for so long. All there is in the Bible is true. It is true not because you might find it logical - though it is. It is true the moment God himself speaks to you. You suddenly understand, and it is more than just a feeling, or a believing, indeed everything gets clear. It is an impressive experience. It is a knowledge that has been checked and proved again and again.

God lives with me now - that is the best thing! He is there, around me all the time, yes, all the time. I can trust him, always, I can lean back and rely on him.

His name is Jesus Christ.

He is the reason for Christmas.


15th December 2003 in ACC

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
               Where Jesus is Lord ...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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For years,
I was in the world of Mormonism;
and I just did not see how anything
outside of that world
could save anyone.

Then one day,
God put a hunger in my heart for Jesus.
Suddenly it was just there,
a driving unrelenting hunger for Jesus!
And I could not begin to fill it
in the Mormon church.

Day and night,
week after week,
the hunger continued.
Remembering that the Christians
talked a lot about Jesus,
I turned to Christian radio
and listened to program after program.

Finally on Passover day about noon,
as I listened to a Christian minister
teaching from the book of Romans
about how Christ went to the cross
as our Righteous Substitute,
suddenly as though light broke through,
I understood!

Christ was my Righteousness
and my Salvation.
I took all my trust for salvation
off of myself, my church, my baptism,
my efforts to repent,
my efforts to be good enough,
and placed all my trust for salvation
on Jesus Christ alone.

In that exact moment,
Christ came into my heart,
and instead of just knowing about him,
I now knew him as though meeting him
face to face!
I knew Christ,
and I knew I had eternal life!
I had been saved by grace
through faith in Jesus Christ.
The driving hunger had been filled.

No longer fitting in at the Mormon church,
I soon began to attend a Christian church.
Afterwards, I was to find out
what the apostle Paul meant when he said
our struggle is not against flesh and blood.
Year after year,
the unseen darkness behind Mormonism
tried deception and oppression in its effort
against my faith for salvation in Christ alone.

Through all the struggle,
the Lord Jesus Christ has taught me
to keep my trust on him to see me through.
Our repentance is to be toward God,
and our faith for salvation
is to stay on our Lord Jesus Christ
rather than on ourselves or our efforts.
Christ is our Righteousness
and our Salvation!

Praise be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ!

your brother Frank

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Testimony of a Messianic Brother

View his homepage




The Day I Became A Christian

The day I became a Christian,
I did something I had not done in all my searching for God,
and there had been a lot.
But God had brought me to this point,
and what was about to happen would change me forever.
I took my trust for salvation
off of church, and baptism, and my efforts,
and my service, and my giving, and my everything else,
and put all my trust on Christ for my salvation.
What happened then was the most powerful experience I have ever had!    

Frank on ACC,
April 15th, 2004


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First Light

by Frank

At age 12, I joined the Lutheran church.
As part of the study group,
I had accepted the doctrine
of justification by faith;
at least, I supposed that I had.
But without realizing it,
I was thinking my efforts
and baptism and church membership
were counting toward salvation.

Something seemed to be missing.
So years later, I went forward
at an evangelistic crusade
and prayed the sinner's prayer.
But without realizing it,
I still supposed
that being saved and staying saved
depended in part on us.

Something was still missing.
I began looking at different denominations.
I could not decide on one or the other.
Then the Mormons came along,
and after a series of lessons
I became a member of that church.

Now my efforts and baptism
and church membership
were supposedly earning godhood.
The spirit manifesting itself
(as in answering prayers)
was assumed to be the Spirit of God,
and the additional books of revelations
were assumed to be from God.

Eventually, I became aware
that the founder had used a peep stone
to hunt for buried treasure
(a common occult activity of his day),
and that he had used the same stone
to produce most of his new bible.
But that occult activity
that should have concerned me
did not.
In fact, though I studied in depth
the arguments against Mormonism,
and had many Christians
coming across my path,
I could not be reached.

I became part of the local leadership,
yet something still seemed to be missing.
But I could see no reason to look outside
of the world of Mormonism.

I did not realize it then,
but there was no hope for me
unless God chose by his grace
to pull me from darkness into his light.

Then there came a day
like so many other days,
but something was different,
intensely different.
There was a hunger in my heart for Jesus.
It was just suddenly there from God:
An intense driving hunger for Jesus.
It was just as real as hunger for food,
but it was in my heart
and it was for Jesus.

Despite all the talk about Jesus
that occurred in the Mormon church,
nothing there could begin to satisfy
the unrelenting driving hunger.

Then I remembered
that the Christians had a lot to say about Jesus.
So I began to listen to Christian radio.
Day after day,
week after week,
I listened as I sought to fill the driving hunger.

What was about to happen
would change me forever.


ACC, 20th April, 2004

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Hi, My name is Fayga, I am a Jewish believer In Yeshua for many years.  My father was the President of an orthodox syagogue, he was quite upset when he found out that I received the L-rd Yeshua into my heart. It took alot of courage to face him and tell him of my decision to follow Yeshua.  He immediately began to ignore me and refused to speak to me.  My mother kept her emotiions inside of her but was still talking to me. I felt very hurt by what he was doing to me, but the love of Yeshua kept me.  My father called my brother to tell him that I decided to accept Yeshua as my messiah, my brother then called me and asked if anyone is forcing me to believe this way. I told him that I believe in Yeshua with all my heart.
He told my father to leave me alone and let me believe the way I want to. The next time I spoke to my father he told me that he was going to disown me and I told him if that is what you want to do, then do it. After a couple of weeks when he realized that I was not going to change my mind, he started to talk to me again, but he was still angry about my love for Yeshua. We soon joined a nice messianic fellowship not far from our home. My husband and I became very active in the congregation which had a very beautiful jewish atmosphere. The L-rd blessed us with 3 wonderful sons which all had their Bar Mitzva in the messianic temple which my parents and my in-laws attended.  My father even said Yiskor in the temple for his father. After 10 years of faithfully serving G-d, my husband was ordained as an elder in our congregation, that was 17 years ago and we continue to rejoice in G-ds love through Yeshua. My father and mother passed away a few years ago and he actually wanted to cut me out of his will but my brother told him  that this was terribly wrong, so he decided after talking with my brother to leave everthing to the grandchildren. My brother is a good soul and I love him very much.
My love for Yeshua continues to grow and my husband Yakov and I are always rejoicing in his great love for us. Each year we feel more and more jewish as Yeshua leads us closer and closer to G-d.  I wish that every jewish person could feel as jewish as we do and be as jewish as we are. Only Yeshua can make people feel this jewish and he brings real joy to my life.    
                       In the name of Yeshua     Fayga

Fayga on alt.messianic, April 26th, 2004

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My testimony

I was born, baptized, and raised catholic and never felt close to God in anyway. I sat down to confess to a priest and felt good for a few days or so, or I sat down in church to listen to the same thing that had been said the previous year at the exact same time! My point is; I was thirsty and the catholic church didn't provide me with what I needed. I believed in Jesus (what the catholic church told me about Him) and believed He died on the cross for all, but I didn't know why and nothing seemed to make sense.
So one day I started reading the bible and found that catholic was NOT the way in any way, shape or form. I noticed some things that raised concernsfor me, like;
1-Priests can marry
2-I didn't see purgatory (where had it come from)
3-Mary was NOT a virgin all her life
4-Mary did have other children
5-Call no man your father
6-Where does the pope come from (un-scriptural)
7-Baptism was never done on children
8-Narrow is the way (1 billion catholics would not make a road narrow would it!)
10-worship of idols

Anyways, you can see why I had questions concerning the catholic church! So it came down to who was right and who was wrong! Was the bible wrong or was the catholic church wrong? I am writing this today because I concluded that the Word of God is NEVER wrong!
Although I did not know the way at the time, I knew that the catholic church wasn't the way! During the years, God has put some great people on my path to help show me the way! And today, my wife and I are baptized born-again Christians and the Lord has blessed us time and time again!
I just wanted to share this with brothers and sisters in Christ!

by Ricky L.
alt.christnet.evangelical, May 11th, 2004

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Though I know I am alone walking on this planet I must dodge all the darts the Satan followers throw at me,  I have a friend in Jesus that no one will take away from me nor me away from Him.
Praise be to the most High God through His Son Jesus Christ,
My Friend and close only companion.



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Jesus is my Very Best Friend. I wouldn't go anywhere, or do anything without keeping Him in mind.  He has never forsaken me, and has always been there for me. He even laughs at my jokes.  (I really hear him laugh sometimes)

And his love is the purest of all.  I will relate a story that I may have
posted before, but here goes:

I had a dream that I entered a room, and there were two chairs there. One was a throne overlaid in Gold, and beautiful. The other chair in the room was some sticks that had fallen from a tree and been bound together with rope, and very shoddily at that. I saw a bum standing next to the rickety chair, and I said to him, the Throne is my chair, implying that the rickety chair belonged to the bum. The bum said, "Yes, the Throne is your chair." But when I looked into this "bums" eyes, I saw pure love, and recognized him for who he was. I said, no Lord, I deserve the rickety chair. I begin to weep.

He said, "I have made you to sit on that throne."

I love my Jesus so much.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Wayne W.


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"Been giving some thought to this.  I'll attempt to put my answer to this into psalm format."

My life belongs you O Lord
You are my life Lord Jesus
My life has been in your hands many times
You have shown your great Mercy to me
You have given me Grace
I exist because of you
I have peace because of you
I have joy because of you
You are my life Lord Jesus
Myself alone I am nothing
I am weak and I fall
My Jesus is strong
With Jesus all things become possible
I stand and sing His praise
I leap for joy at the call of the Lord
I will serve Him all my life
May the Name of Jesus be exalted above all others
May I think of Jesus every day of my life
May I praise Him all the days of my life
I am alive in Christ and sing Hallelujah
I love you Jesus with all that I am
Jesus you are my life

Shalom y berakah,


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Who is Jesus to me?

Well, at the start of my life, He seemed like someone very important.
Everyone was talking about Him (they even capitalized pronouns in His presence!), and talked about the day when I would meet Him.  I learned about Him and had to close my eyes and talk to Him when I'd rather be doing a face-dive into a sumptous bowl of macaroni and cheeze - or just before I was about to pass out on my pillow.  Whoever He was, He indeed was a very important person.

As I grew, I learned that He was something called "God's Son", and the only way to the Father.  I learned that He could take away sins and carry all of my guilt and shame for me.  "That's very nice of Him", I thought -- still capitalizing my pronouns for fear of ticking Him off!
I learned such things as Him being "the Way, the Truth and the Life".  It all seemed simple enough and even a tad enlightening.  Things were well and good and I continued to "learn".

But one day, I stumbled and fell.
Then I fell again, and soon found myself sliding deeper and deeper into dispair and darkness.  That is the day I learned that dispite all of the pomp and circumstance that I had learned about Jesus, that He was willing to come to me even in the stinking pits of my disgust and dispair - embrace me - lift me  up - wash me off - and set my feet back on the path He first ordained for me to walk.
My love for Him grew and I figured the least I could do was give him some of the less-important corners of my life.

Then I stumbled again, and learned that Jesus loved me even though my feet were quick to sin and my hands (and words) quick to shed blood.  I learned the true meaning of grace and mercy and compassion, and love.  Their name is Jesus.
I looked at the piddly corners and pockets of my life I had given to Him and I felt something.  Not shame - for there could be no shame in the presence of those loving, all-seeing (sometimes tear-filled) eyes.   No, I felt godly conviction.
"I died for you Craig -- are you willing to live for Me?  I died for you -- would you die to yourself, consider all things as loss, so that I might live through you??"

"In a heartbeat LORD" I declared between heart-rending sobs -- and my life changed at that moment.

But in hindsite, I could see that there were still pockets of resistance in my life.  Things that, if they came along, Jesus was shown to the "waiting room" in my temple to sit and wait while I indulged in some thoughts of anger or vengeance, or attended a gathering where Christ was not welcomed.

Yet patiently He sat and when I came 'home' in various states of dis-array, He looked at me lovingly and asked, "Are you truly happy where you are? Remember what it was like when you were dead and I was living through you?". And again, that strong but gentle conviction was there unto holiness.  What I could never have accomplished by will and determination, He was accomplishing by the power of His Spirit in me.

At times I was stubborn, and seeing how I had asked Him to help me overcome the temptations in my life, the convictions became stronger and stronger:
still full of love and mercy and compassion, but sometimes He really had to convict strongly to break down the various high towers of evil I had allowed to be built up in my life.

He still is patient with me.  I'm learning about something He gives called the Comforter - the Teacher - the Holy Spirit.  He was always there, but I am just now learning how to give Him the "master-key" to every single dark corner of my life.  I am sensing displeasing processes in my life sooner and sooner now, and placing them back on the cross - dead where they should be.  
And as I grow, greater challenges come so I might grow stronger in Him. Already I really feel that neither life nor death, powers nor principalities, circumstances, tragedies nor mishaps will be able to shake the relationship I have with Jesus that all began that day I cried out to Him -- wanting Him to be more than a teaching or a wise saying or "learning".  I wanted Him to be real, and to save me from myself.
I still have questions, and still feel the old temptations and sometimes even give into them.  Yet when I do, He simply returns to the waiting room and waits until I'm in some kind of mess and I go looking to be redeemed to Him.  He puts a ring on my finger and a robe on my back and welcomes me.
And the godly conviction returns to encourage me not to repeat old mistakes, but to grow.
I never would have expected He could do it, but He is turning me into a son He can be proud of -- and had you known me before, you would know what a stupendious miracle that is.

Who is Jesus?
He is my life.

Even those times when I fail Him, He calls me back with just the right  strength and tone of voice for the occasion, just as loving parent would.

He's my friend who sticks closer than a brother, and my role model.  He's my hero.  I want to be just like Him.  I want to be who He was for me, towards others.

He's my LORD.
He's my Saviour.
He's my friend.

In time, I learned that He is also God, sent in a form that we could fathom -- to die in our place and also to show us how a person living in a body of flesh, relying totally upon the Holy Spirit, could overcome all things in this life -- even death.

I love you Jesus.

Show me how I can love you even more!

Yours in Christ,




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