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You can beam me up!

Lord, it's boring to walk here in the cold and dark. You could beam me there, why don't you beam me up and transfer me to my church? Oh, you could do it, Lord. Do it, just for me, just this time. You're the Master of the time, aren't you? The people in front of me wouldn't notice if you let it run a little faster.

Great God, how beautiful is the sky, and all the beautifully twinkling stars there. This one there has a shade of red. Beautiful. And there's a blue one, too, but most of them are just golden. You made them all, all the stars there, like you made everything and everyone. You might've made every single star there with your hands, all the billions. You are so great! Nothing on this earth happens that you wouldn't know. And I know you're in control of everything, of my life, of this world and what is going on. You are in control of the problems I have, and of the problems of the little boy with the big dark eyes far away in Africa, crying for his mother to feed him. I know you will care, and tell others to care. And there is nothing that happens without your allowance. But I know that everything that comes from you is good, simply good, as good as good can be. Excellent. Marvellous. But there's no word that could describe how beautiful you are. Just unbelievable that you care about me. I'm so small, and you are so great, and all the time I fail. I am as small as one of the snow flakes that fall down to the ground, softly, while they are landing softly like in a loving hand, and it is as if they wanted to dance and sing. "From Heaven are we where we met the Lord", they sing. It's a song of joy, suddenly the air is full of joy, full of God. The dim light makes the snow on the pavement glitter, and there's no more dark, but all is bright and light and beauty. It looks as if all the billions of stars are mirrored in the snow where they are caught and then thrown into space again. It is strange, I am not cold anymore. I feel warm and safe in your hands, Lord. You are my God, and you are so wonderful. You fill up my heart with a silent fire that was lightened by all the sparks of the dancing stars, and now my heart is burning - for you, Jesus. I should pray more often on the way, no, I should better pray without ceasing. I love to be close to you. Please attract all the other people, too, and fill their hearts with your warming love.

Oh, there's the church door already! How did I get here? I must have been walking...

::: vera :::

25th February, 2005






::: by vera six :::

Do not go outside. Never do so. It is so harmful. Many people are hit by lightening there. Or they are shot. Or robbed. Beaten up...

I guess even 30 per cent of all people die outside!

So if you go outside, you know what you risk. There are so many alcoholics driving there, so it is your own fault if you leave your house and are run over by them. You must reckon with that if you walk on a pavement next to a road with drunkards. Why should any sane person do this?

And do not stay at home. About 70 per cent of all people die at home. Your bed is no save place, either. Many people die there, and you can avoid that this might ever happen to you. Just stay away there! (Better go to church, as it is a proven fact that only few people die there - it is a rather safe place - harr harr.)  Do not risk your life at home, just do not go near a bed, or it will be your own fault if something happens to you like it happened to this poor person http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/news/... there, you see. But it was his own fault. Too stupid to stay away from a bed, while everybody knows that beds are not safe.

And by all means, avoid the toilet! It is such a horrible place - just have a look there: http://www.moscowtimes.ru/stories/2004/06/10/013.html. So if you ever happen to go there anyway and cannot help it, and do not listen to the warnings, it will be your own fault if someone murders you there. You expose yourself to that risk anytime you go there, and you cannot say you are a victim later - no, no. You knew what might happen there in advance...

If you are a woman - never meet men. Hide in a cave, maybe.

It is so harmful, so many women get raped, and it would be your own fault. Why do you not hide yourself in the wood? Yeah - it will be your own fault if you are raped in the street.

Ummm... maybe the wood is a safe place, because elks or grizzly bears are usually seen in people's gardens nowadays - to hide from the risk of being shot in the wood accidentally by exercising soldiers. But, you see, as the grizzly bears have all left, no hunter will ever confuse you with one and shoot you there by chance, only on purpose - but most accidents like that happening in the wood are by chance only, so you are rather safe there. But watch out when you meet reindeers! Look what might happen: http://www.always-safe.com/grandma.html So you are warned now. Do not go there in the Christmas season, or you are to blame for the harm the reindeers might do to you.

And you men, watch out! Never meet women! They all just want to marry and bake apple pies for you for the rest of your life, every day. Your own fault, see? Look there and see what you risk: http://www.netcooks.com/recipes/Pies/Bohemian.Apple.Strudle.html Do not play the victim afterwards!

Never tell others who you are, or where you live, not even your wife or husband, or your children, because if they abuse it, it is your own fault, and nobody is to blame of abusing it but you yourself in your selfish idea to tell them who you are! Why should they know? You know that they may sell your address to insurance companies - or give it away to murderers. It will be your own fault if insane people know you, and kill you. Hey, why did you tell your children? You should not tell anybody that you are on earth. How can you be so stupid and disregard this simple rule? Just do not be there - and nothing can happen to you!

Why not live in the canalisation system? No, stop! Do not go there! This is really too dangerous - it is your own fault if you go there and someone drowns you there! Google shows you 688 entries with the keywords "murder in canalisation"! http://www.google.com/search?...

Well, the best thing might be if you shoot yourself, because that is the only way that no harm can be done by weirdos or criminals by your own fault... Hey, it is not their fault - only yours. So do not cry "victim"!

by ::: vera :::

Copyright October 31st, 2005




Chapter 1: Shall I pray about it?

One day when I was sailing with my boat along the Spanish coast, I suddenly heard a voice... far away it was, and tiny, but clear.

"Help, help!", someone shouted, I really could get that! Oh, then I saw the little boy fighting with the waves that threatened to devour him! It was a little boy who might have drifted away from the coast on his air bed. Oh dear! What should I do? Sweat was running down my forehand, and I could hear my heart pounding, you cannot really imagine how terrible this thrill was for me!

Should I pray over that or not? "Wait, Littl'un, you will be helped!", I shouted into his direction. Well, I did not hesitate long, watching this small boy in the waves, his head showing up and going down under water again, and decided to sail back to the coast immediately and pray on the beach, because God wants us to take time enough for prayer at a place where nothing can come in between! And the landscape was so beautiful that I felt so close to my God there, anyway. And maybe I could find my friend Harvey there, and we could even pray together... The Lord has promised to be in our middle if two or three meet in his name.

Such things really need deep and long prayer, because - just imagine! - this boy's life was at stake!  Understanding the seriousness of the situation,  I took a long time on the beach with my God. I prayed all afternoon, and the time before dinner as well. The only problem was then, however, that I had to wait for God's answer! I do not know why, but this time it took rather long, and so I went to bed at midnight.  I do not know why, but I could really not even sleep as well as usual that night.  My God, why have you forsaken me? Please answer, please answer, please answer! Yes, the Lord had told us that we should pray without stopping, and that we should insist... And I prayed, but God did not answer. I had begun to feel disappointed and sad about the fact that God obviously said nothing this time.

But then the next day - praise the Lord! - I could read the answer clearly
in the local newspaper:

"Small Boy Drowned in the Sea"

Thank you God, for answering my prayer! I knew you would answer my prayer!

Copyright 2005




Seconds of Love
- A very short short story -

I was in a hurry, did not want to be late for work. All were in a hurry. They hastened, not having a look at anybody, just thinking of the plans in their minds. No time for love. And I am a part of these people flowing by.

All are the same.

Some are different.

When I come near the shopping center, there is someone in front of me. In a haste. He is black. Opens the door. Turns around and looks back at me, into my eyes, holds the door open for me for a second, and I say. "Thank you", and he smiles, a young man about twenty years of age maybe, and I smile back at him, then noticing the face of a middle-aged Muslim lady coming towards me, wearing a headcovering, and I hold the door open for her, and smile at her, and she smiles back, and she says: "Thank you".  

A second of love.

A second of hope.

I want to draw this picture into my heart.

Written by ~ vera six ~

Copyright 2004






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