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Dear Father in Heaven,
please forgive me my sins. I know  you sent Jesus who is your son that I can be saved from hell and have eternal life. He died on the cross in my place and shed his blood for my sins. That is why I want to turn away from my sins. I want to follow you, Jesus. You are my Saviour, my Lord and my God, and also my Friend. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit. Thank you for loving me so much. Make a new person out of me, one with a changed heart as it pleases you. Use me for your purpose, whatever this might take. I will put all my trust in you. You are in control, and only the best will turn out of everything that you do. I love you, Lord. Amen.
:::vera::: on ACP, 15th March, 2004



Prayer Requests

from the newsgroups and from e-mails:

56. Please pray for the tsunami victims in Asia and help them as much as you can. December 27th 2004

55. Please pray for all the people who are lonesome in this time of the year and have lost hope. 6th  December 2004

54. Please pray for Brian and his family that all their trouble will soon be gone. 6th  December 2004

53.  Please pray for good honest communication between all of us.
Misunderstandings that go on and on breed hatred.  This is ==not== God's will for us and makes for a hostile environment. 27th November 2004

52. Please also pray for the hostages in Iraq. And let us pray for the peace in Iraq as well. 27th November 2004

51. Please pray for Bob and his three children not to lose their home and that the Lord protects the small island on which they live against the weather. 27th November 2004

50. Please pray that the global warming stops if it is not God's will. 27th
November 2004

49. Keep the health of GODISLOVE (BOB) in your prayers, please.
November 22th, 2004

48.  Please pray for Sandra and Jude as Jude asked:
Got to ask for more prayer to get more work.  Since Sandra is gone to be with Mary, we're spending around $600 more each month, and things are getting down to the wire pretty quickly.  Please pray for me to get more work.  I'm just finishing up a big job and this is the ripest time to get something to get us through.  Thanks for all past prayers. November 22th, 2004

47. Pray for Pablo's health, and for the health and protection of his family. 22nd November 2004

46. Please pray for the evangelisation at my church that is taking place 21st - 24thNov. 2004. May the Lord touch many people and call them into His service.  21st November 2004

45. Please pray for the hungry people in this world. 8th March 2005.

44. Please add prayers for all the hunters that are out in the fields and woodlands of Minnesota and Wisconsin and other states of the US.  as  Deer hunting is in full force for the 9 day deer season this week. 21st November 2004

43. Please pray for R. C. 21st November 2004

42. Please pray for all the people who are persecuted for their faith in this world and in the newsgroups. 19th November 2004

41. Please pray those in the prisons. 8th March 2005.

40. Please pray for Steve Winter. 16th November 2004

39. Please pray for our Sister Joy and her son who had a car accident yesterday. Pray that both will recover from the pain and shock, that the injuries will heal as soon as possible, and that the Lord will show up ways out of all hardship that may result from it. Please pray that the Lord will protect the two dear ones, and that He will keep them close in his loving hands. Please pray for the person who caused the accident as well.

38. Please hold the Iraqi Christian community before the Lord these next few days. With the start of what we hope will be a final, devastating attack on the insurgents, terrorists and Muslim radicals in their homebase of Fallujah... 10th November 2004

Please pray more love between the people. 8th March 2005

36.a ..., also add in your prayers the church I [GODISLOVE] go to with dad & Stepmom on Saturday nights. One if the parts of the building got so badly flooded that they have to take the whole floor & maybe the walls apart to add new ones. 11.07.04

36.b This church has 2 different kinds of services [standard & the praise & worship], & you all should see the buildings? It looks like a church campus with a big parking lot for each building & the parking lots are all now connected. They are planning to add more to the place, so keep the church in your prayers. Thanks. 11.07.04

35. Now a prayer request, I [Christine] am moving at the end of the month and I need God's help with it and in all the circumstances surrounding it. 11.07.04

34.a Please pray for Vera   11.07.04

34.b also pray for my  [GODISLOVE'S] stepmom as she is going to have surgery
[dad did not tell me what it is for, but it is a quick thing as in some thing like getting out a splinter].   11.07.04

[34.c Also pray for me [GODISLOVE] because I  [GODISLOVE] go to the doctors
for my yearly check up.   11.07.04 Prayer heard - November 9th, 2004]

34.d Forgot to add to pray for the church I  [GODISLOVE] am a member of as well as all church [buildings], 2 of our youth went to military training @ 1 came back today for 10 days off then will go to NC for more training [marines]  11.07.04

[33.a Please pray for my (Vera's) son Volker. I found him sitting on the stairs when I came home this afternoon and we went to hospital by taxi shortly after I found him. He had twisted his leg while standing (not even skateboarding), and pulled the ligaments of his knee, and the pain was so heavy that he could not even go upstairs to the flat. He had lain on the street for ten minutes in the city centre and nobody of the people had helped him. He was able to lie on his skateboard and roll home on it in the end. His skateboard "friends" had left him lying there as well. 11.07.04
[Prayer answered in the night of 11.07./11.08.04]

33.b Please pray that more people see the needs of others. 11.07.04

32. Please pray for one of my (Vera's) best friends I have from youth on. She is diagnosed skin cancer and has to go to hospital for further examinations next Wednesday, though the tumor has been removed lately. Please also pray for her mother who is 86 and had a second stroke in September, and who is paralized on the right part of the body. Please pray for their salvations as well. 11.05.04

31. Please pray for the healing of Feather's wrist. Pray for the right decisions of her doctors, and that Jesus will be the leader of all thethings that have to do with it. 11.04.0430. This prayer request came today from a Christian brother (Terry) - please pray for him and his people in far east:
I pray for my mother's health. And for myself to recover from illness
completely as soon as possible. And I also pray for my brothers and sisters
in my church. I hope we all can be safe for the religion belief not
controled is not favored by government here. May God rest us. 11.04.04

29. Please pray for Wayne & his son Greg.  They have been going through the mill lately.  And pray for Kathy, Wayne's ex-wife as she has no electricity, no water, and no gas ... plus very little food.   This family are very dear to me (Bill), and are brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you. 11.03.04

28. Pray that things work not our way, but Gods way & last one, PRAY FOR FREEDOM EVERYWARE [there are some people all over who are being heled prisoners for different reasons]! 11.02.04

27. Pray that I (GODISLOVE) learn to keep my business private 11.02.04

26. Pray for me (GODISLOVE) to stop talking too much in my personal life & pray that I do better when I tell stories [on & off the Internet] 11.02.04

25. Pray for everyone everywhere who have & have not the things we are blessed
with 11.02.04

24. Pray for the people who make these anti-viruse anti-Spam anti-? software that they keep doing Gods will to stop the devil. 11.02.04

23. Pray for all who make viruses & Spam that they be touched by God 11.02.04

22.Pray for all who have or start these web pages we call [Christian & non Christian] 11.02.04

21. Pray for the people in Afghanistan were the war is, Pray that God will open the heavens up & send peace throughout the land. 11.02.04

20. Please pray for our world leaders in these elections, that they do the job God gave them to do. 11.02.04

19. Please pray for Pedro, that the Lord will protect him from all evil influences. 11.02.04

18. Pray for Glen (the Psalmsmith) to get a good job according to God's plans, please. 11.02.04

Please pray for the peace in the Christian newsgroups. 8th March 2005

16. Please pray for Clayton to be protected from demonic entities. 11.01.04

15. Please pray for Sandra, Mary and Faith.  Sandra needs spiritual strength to help Mary who is anorexic and Faith, a friend of hers, has cervical cancer.  Thank you for past prayers and for the ones I ask now. 10/31/04

14. Please Lord open their eyes to the dangers of the Canola products and the dangers of consuming foods with this Poison that it contains IN Jesus name  I pray Amen! 10-27-04

13. Please pray for the salvation of the people in the Christian newsgroups. 8th March 2005

12. Please pray for these newsgroups and the people who post here that the
Lord will bless them with the blessings of Jesus Christ.

[11. Pray for recovery of my son's grandmother who had an operation this
morning, please, and for her salvation. 10-27-04 She is on her way of recovery - thanks for all your prayers. Please keep it on for a while.  10-30-04]

10. Please pray for Tom and the health of his dear wife continuously, too. 10-26-04

9. Please pray for Pete to keep hope in the face of an onslaught of wickedness and deceit that seeks to take from him what he has. 10-26-04

8. Please pray for Kelly to enjoy her job and be a blessing to the residents of the facility where she works. 10-26-04

7. Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 10-26-04

6. Please pray for Feather's pastor Mike for his continued recovery from open heart surgery (triple bypass) on October 6th. 10-26-04

5. Please pray for Vera landing a permanent position according to God's will and plan for her life. 10-26-04

[4. Please pray for Vera's son's protection at the Christ camp this week. 10-26-04 - He is back and safe and sound. Thanks for all the prayers! 10-30-04]

[3. b) Please pray for Feather for recovery. 10-26-04 I think Feather is okay again. 10-30-04]

3. a) Please pray for Diana and her recovery. 10-26-04

2. Please pray for Brother Bob's (the one with the cactus) special situation. May the Lord help him through with all the burden on him. 10-26-04

1. Please pray for my dear Sister Joy, for her health especially. May Jesus have a look at her and do the right things. 10-26-04


Please also inform us by private e-mail, by writing into the message box or in the newsgroups when a prayer has been answered.

Thank you, all who want to pray or ask for prayer, and thus are closer to God.

You can also send me a private e-mail and I will put you on the list anonymously. Write to


Love to the newsgroups, and all other people who read here

>>> vera :::

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,
please bless and protect all who pray for the people mentioned above,
and blessall those who are mentioned as well. Amen.









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